Our Services


You can book any hotels in the world via our app at special prices


You can book any flight all over the world via our app for the best price

Take a Tour

You can hire the car you want from anywhere in the world and go for a drive


You will enjoy shopping in the mega mall list and buy any item via the app

E Mall

You can shop in all shopping centers around the world, buy products and deliver them to you through our app


We help you deliver your own products and deliver your orders home, wherever you are, through our app


You can book a pre appointment at hospitals, clinics and doctors and you can contact the doctor directly and receive your reports

Real Estate

You can view properties for sale or rent and you can also search for detailed properties for purchase or rent through the app

Sport club

You can reserve your membership in any gymnasium in the world


You can reserve a table in any restaurant worldwide and choose to eat and pay in advance through our app

Beauty Centers

You can make an appointment at the Beauty Centre and prepay the service you want through our app

Car Care ​

You can book an appointment at the nearest car care centers and car shops and you are at your seat


We facilitate the sale, purchase and rental of motorbikes and their accessories all over the world

Boat & Yacht

We make it easy for you to buy, sell and hire all their boats, yachts, spare parts and accessories via our app


We provide you with all you need to know about cars, including the ability to buy, sell, rent, and purchase parts and accessories for them anywhere in the globe

E Ticket

we make it possible for you to reserve an electronic ticket for any events, including sporting events, movies, and other educational and entertainment places, anywhere in the world


you may use keywords to find ads for any business or retailer anywhere in the world through our app


through our app, you can find a decent job anywhere in the world while being in your actual place

Heavy Equipment

For the first time in the world, you can now rent heavy equipment using our app


You can find all trips around the world and book your trip in advance using our app

Dry Clean

You can now select a dry clean to clean your clothes and have them delivered to your home


Take advantage of the world's largest bike complex ,you can purchase, rent, and sell bikes, as well as availability to their spare parts and accessories,through our app