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The employees who founded FORALL, sought to create the first and biggest application in the world with a creative mindset

and  a comprehensive understanding of business and industry in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world, along with great customer service.

Co-founder and CEO

Feras M. Allam

Co-founder and CEO

Vice president / Board member

Ismael H. Albahkali
Vice president/Board member

Board Member

Yahya H. Alfelali

Board member

General Managers

Abdulrhman k. Enany

General Manager

Tariq M. Betaish

General Manager

Mohammed A. Garanbish

General Manager

Information Technology Managers

Mark O. Fawzy

Project Manager / Software Developer

Abbas H. Shaban

Help Desk Manager

Marketing Managers

Mohammed M. Allam

Marketing Manager

Ehab A. Mores

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing Team tasks

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