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The beginning was in 2009 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the city of Jeddah (Bride of the Red Sea).
We have provided many services in marketing, advertising, public relations and exhibitions. We have dealt with major international companies. Then, in less than a year, the (Beautiful Time) magazine was established and became the first in advertising and marketing magazines. .
We pay more and more attention to details to gain the maximum amount of trust from the companies that have given us the opportunity to cooperate with them, including Lamborghini.

In 2014, we started a sophistication revolution in the transformation of sophistication through the establishment of (The Easy Guide Company) for e-marketing, and the first store was established that brings the company together with the customer, which is the main goal, and we made the customer have the ability to find out about the company or store he needs or a nearby place to access his data or access to her

We began to transform and change to keep pace with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, and the idea of (FORALL) shone in our horizons, so we issued the first and largest application in the world that combines all companies, shops, restaurants, medical services and many other services, so it is an application that combines more than 25 services and we aspire to provide More services Accordingly, we have achieved almost impossible challenges through perseverance, high efficiency and a high level of quality

We have patented inventions in several countries around the world
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It was agreed to be an accredited organization in the European Union

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